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This classic 1946 Dodge WC pickup is a fantasy about honesty. It has an exceptional level of restoration that only enhances the genuine vintage feeling. So if you know the serenity that a country road can provide, this truck is the ideal vehicle. A classic Dodge truck from the immediate post-WWII years is already a rare sight. The distinct cross-hair grille is a design feature that you see on brand new Mopar pickups today. In total, this is a two-tone reminder of an honest day's work. Its labor credentials feel so legitimate that you instantly understand why it needed the custom rod shop graphics on the door. And as you look over the whole package, you can see someone really took their time restoring it. In fact, this was under long-term ownership from the 1960's until just recently. And when you have six decades of being the caretaker, a bond is created. That's why the more recent restoration was a labor of love with the owner and his friends working on this pickup. The result looks like they stressed every aspect - right down to the bolts. Take a look at the details on everything from the real wood truck bed, to the proper Dodge hubcaps on the vintage wheels. It's that kind of old-school attention to detail that makes this one irresistible. Inside is a cab built for long-lasting function. The vinyl bench seat is taut and very authentic. The three-spoke wheel was purely functional decades ago, but today it is beautifully artistic. It has that worn-in grippy feeling that instantly connects you with previous generations. The gearstick has a purposeful metallic feel. The windows have the side vents to give you the perfect old-school truck breezes. You can really see they continued to work on the details. That's why not only every gauge is crisp, but also they're giving a proper readout. In fact, the only upgrade you're likely to spot is the rubber floor mat. It's not too flashy, but the piping color-matched to the seat is just another sign that there was extra care taken in this truck. The straight-six motor is the correct type for this pickup and it looks nicely preserved. So you'll love opening the butterfly hood and showing of its faithful style. Everything has a high level of authenticity, right down to the generator. But there's also all the right signs to show that this has been serviced properly to run strong. The motor gives off an industrial symphony of simplicity. It's a rhythmic hum that feels like being in charge of a mini locomotive as the tempo increases as you shift through the four-speed manual transmission. The ride is another exercise in minimalism. Leaf springs and tube tires are far from modern, which makes them perfect in this time capsule of a pickup. The full experience of being behind the wheel feels like rolling history. This is a lovingly restored and running piece of history. So you're looking for the ideal Sunday driver, don't miss this distinct pickup. Call today!!!



LocationMesa, Arizona
ModelWC Series
Exterior colorGreen
Interior colorBrown
Engine size -
Title status -
Aftermarket wheels -
Restoration history -
Exterior condition -
Seat Material -
Air Conditioning -
AM/FM Radio -
Custom Stereo -
Tinted windows -
Power breaks -
Electronic ignition -
Engine history -
Engine condition -
Drive train -


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