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This particular car is VERY special as I had my staff spend six months restoring and preparing this car as a sort of 'ultimate' classic MG for me....for general use, fun countryside driving and distance cruising.  With an emphasis on intelligent and appropriate improvements and upgrades. Excellent chassis and wood floors, excellent body with no indication of plastic filler, damage, rust, or repair.  And really beautiful in Dove gray with an all new deep red interior. A rebuilt MGB engine (visually identical to the MGA engine but with substantially more power, greater flexibility, and smoother performance.   And for reliability and ease of use, a new Weber 32/36DGV carb with electric choke.   And electronic ignition, new alloy radiator with shrouded electric cooling fan, all things for a higher degree of reliability.   Even a back up solid state fuel pump to ensure a constant flow of gas to the carb. Best of all, the power runs through a rebuilt Ford T9 five speed transmission.   Designed for a far more powerful car, closer ratios, and (of course) the fifth gear for easy highway cruising at any practical speed.   And in that it uses the original MG shift lever, no one is the wiser.   (and with the subsidiary benefit of allowing removal without pulling the engine....makes a future clutch replacement a snap) Not rebuilt but all new disc brakes and utilizing superior MGB disc brakes.    And, at great expense, the car is fitted with an MGB pedal assembly with dual master cylinder for a higher degree of safety than 99.9% of the world's MGAs. New top and tonneau, a very good set of side curtains, wire wheels with new radials, new stainless steel exhaust, new wiring harness, mostly new electrics, nicely detailed trunk and engine bays, mostly new chrome, all in all, this is a very very VERY special MGA.   Alas, just as I was finishing it, a rare Morgan came my way, and as happens now and then.....one in requiring another out.   Hence, this just finished MGA with no more than testing mileage is on the market and for sale.    A lot of time and effort went into this car and we can easily modify the car to suit a new owner's wants and needs.   Like the 'look' of SU carbs?  Easily changed (but the Weber with electric choke makes for easier driving).   Want a set of shiny chrome wire wheels?   We can effect an exchange. Want a stereo?   Done.   Whatever one wants, we can do the work and, within maybe a 300 mile radius,  even deliver the car right to your home.   Just call and we can do our best to answer any questions.



LocationStratford, Connecticut
Exterior colorGray
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