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Highly collectible Corvette Kiddie Ride. Do not compare this to a modern kiddie ride with a Corvette body or a Frankenstein creation built by a hobbyist from a carnival ride or mis-matched parts salvaged from scrap rides. This is a true manufactured, born as you see it ride. One of only 6 six ever made. Manufactured in the late 1960's by Creative Glass Co. in Oneida, TN. It was produced as a tribute to the popular TV series, Route 66, that ran from 1960 to 1964. This Corvette was intended for mass production, however after the first 6 were built there was a fire at Creative Glass Co. that destroyed the molds and ended production for good. The six existing cars were sold to Kiddie Ride Co. of London, KY where they were put into use at their amusement locations until 2003, nearly 40 years later. In 2006 the six worn out Corvettes were sold to Topps Restoration of Oklahoma City, OK. Topps restored this Corvette Kiddie ride to new condition, it received a restoration that is better than most real 1960 Corvettes. It features authentically styled Corvette spinner hubcaps, an upholstered interior resembling real Corvette seats and a Corvette steering wheel. The paint is a base-coat / clear-coat that sanded and polished to a mirror finish. The 10 cent coin-box, base and car are detailed with their original graphics and hand painting, all under the clear for preservation. Perfect for any man-cave this little Corvette is a true American treasure, and a real tribute to days gone by, the mother road Route 66, and the American love affair with the automobile.



LocationVolo, Illinois
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