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I welcome you in your interest in this beautiful classic vehicle.  I know of a lot of antique vehicles which have been restored and kept in immaculate shape.  I appreciate the detail that goes into such loving work.  My truck, or what my children have always affectionately called "Papa's Truck", has been a vital and deeply supportive part of the life of my Tennessee mountain farm since 1994.  It has been a work truck, used like only a Ford can really deliver, its strong engine purring along with load after load of hay or apples or a milk cow going to the vet.  This truck is my pride and joy, delivering the quality that this vintage of American trucks are so honorably known for.  And the history of the truck before me - it was my grandfather's truck.  I remembering riding in the back of it on my grandparent's farm.  My granddaddy bought this truck brand new in the very year I was born to use on his horse farm.  So this truck has literally been a part of my whole life.  Each of my children has learned to drive behind the wheel of this truck.  My family has gone on great adventures and beach trips in this truck.  It is like Ford dreamed in a classic design, gave this Twin I-Beam V8 an incredibly sturdy work space, and then made sure she had an engine and transmission that was just as good for flying down the highway, as she was rumbling up the farm lane loaded with tools, kids, a few farm dogs, and a days worth of sweat and honest work.  My "Papa's Truck" has seen 4 generations of family, and supported us well.  I am deeply grateful to her.  And I will be honest with you, she looks like a work truck, nicks and dings and such.  But despite her age, and wear and tear, she is the same good truck that America has always been proud of.  I will be very honored to pass this vehicle on to you, complete with all its heritage and years of honest service.  You may be asking yourself, "Why is he selling this truck which is so inextricably a part of his family?".  The answer - a great opportunity has come to steward some farmland as service work in a foreign country to help others in need.  And I do not want my truck just sitting around.  She likes to be used.  She was born for good clean work and superb reliability.  I feel it is time to let her go to an honest soul like yourself, who will bring her into the next phase of her life.  SO selling her is not easy, but it is the right thing to do.  If this truck interests you, you have my blessing to make it your own, and keep a great tradition riding down the road.  



LocationSewanee, Tennessee
Exterior colorWhite
Interior colorCream with Red Seats
Engine sizeV-8
Title status -
Aftermarket wheels -
Restoration historyUnrestored
Exterior conditionFair
Seat MaterialVinyl
Air Conditioning -
AM/FM Radio -
Custom Stereo -
Tinted windows -
Power breaks -
Electronic ignition -
Engine historyOriginal
Engine conditionRunning
Drive trainRear-wheel drive


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