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1965 Pontiac Tempest Custom “The families Tempest  This car and the description are tailored to the muscle car guy. If you’re that guy or gal, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve been lucky enough to be born into a car family; after reading the son’s story about the vehicle featured in the Pontiac registry, I thought I was going to shed a tear; I did it, but the emotions were running.  What an inspirational family car story; I encourage you to read the piece (see in photos). You could see how the beloved vehicle became a part of their family dynamic, similar to our family story. Isn’t it fantastic; that an automobile can be a part of family memory, and all you have to do is give the vehicle some love and appreciation. The original owner first got his driver’s license in 63, but it wasn’t until December 1964 that he purchased this 65 Pontiac Tempest Custom. With some help from family members, he picked out the car that he could afford, and you can imagine the excitement of getting this baby new; he even ordered front seatbelts and radio, which, as many of you know, was an option. Another selection was a split-back bench seat to keep the girls sitting close, and if any of you boys had an uncle or father from the 50s, you could relate.  Well enough blabbing, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. A one-owner car that has recently been restored. The restoration included an engine rebuild, transmission, paint respray, upholstery, and chrome.  The best part of how this car undertook its restoration was the son restoring it for his father to love and enjoy once again. During the restoration process, the son made some modifications with the attention of pleasing his beloved father; for instance, his dad always liked the look of the GTO hood but couldn’t afford a GTO as a kid, so they had a GTO hood installed, the trim running along the centerline of the car was not reinstalled after the paint respray to give the car a cleaner spotter look, they did keep the original straight-6 engine and transmission instead of replacing it with a bigger crate motor to keep the vehicle all numbers matching.  Like all great stories, this one has happened ending; the restoration was complete in time before the father passed away was able to see all of the hard and effort this fine young man put into his father’s baby!  There are so many details that we recommend you come into our facility, see the car yourself,  if you’re not able to because of logistics, we recommend a (PPI) pre-purchase inspection. 



LocationBridgeport, Connecticut
Exterior colorRed
Interior colorRed
Engine size -
Title statusClear
Aftermarket wheels -
Restoration history -
Exterior conditionExcellent
Seat MaterialLeather
Air Conditioning -
AM/FM Radio -
Custom Stereo -
Tinted windows -
Power breaks -
Electronic ignition -
Engine history -
Engine conditionRunning
Drive train -


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