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LOTUS EUROPA S2 CUSTOM **TARGA TOP **  PROJECT CAR FOR HYBRID,ELECTRIC CONVERSION. Before you consider purchasing a lotus Europa that is a barn find project $1K-$10K for you electric/ hybrid conversion you may want to consider our body/chassis kit. We have attempted to provide individuals looking to begin there personal project building there custom Europa on a solid foundation, moving forward with confidence knowing key components that will provide reliability have been addressed in a costly manner. With full support we will provide all necessary technical design ,custom fabrication, of all components for them to build a Europa to there standards.    ( AVAILABLE FOR SALE SEPARATELY CALL FOR DETAILS )  Body Shell . Reinforced windshield fiberglass frame including pillars, rear glass fiberglass surround with steel tubing attached to custom reinforced chassis seat frame, removable reinforced and modified TARGA TOP incorporating all original fiberglass top and doors. Providing additional head and leg room. Will need fiberglass repair and additional modifications to faulty design issues.  All work will be performed by us and is included in purchase price.   ( AVAILABLE FOR SALE SEPARATELY CALL FOR DETAILS )  Chassis. Has been media cleaned inspected, complete chassis assembly was placed in jig and all necessary welding and fabrication was performed making sure all front suspension pickup points, rear radius arm points are correct and within factory specifications, engine bay area has been widened and reinforced to accept electric / hybrid battery/ and related components. Other engine / transmission combinations can easily be installed. Also included in package is our custom designed driver /passenger seat frame support, providing additional mounting points to chassis increasing the structural integrity to mount various size and weight battery's , electronic components in a safe, secure, location.   * We can provide complete restoration services specific to the needs of buyer, including various engine and drive train options including electric / hybrid . With the purchase of this kit, listed prices below for roller or complete turn key running car, will include all parts, labor, material. *Complete Rolling Chassis Powder Coated. Body Prepped  For Paint Or Vinyl Wrap. Including Suspension, Brakes, Wheels/tires.  Price does not include. Glass / Rubber Trim /Electrical /Interior trim components. $35k-$39k.   (Based on all original suspension /brake components. Does not include paint/vinyl wrap) *Complete Running Car With Engine/Drive Train options of your choice with all related fabrication including paint or vinyl wrap. With Interior Trim / Accessories, all glass or Lexan. $55k-$59k.      (Based on  conventional engine /drive line /suspension. Does including, EV/Hybrid drive train and related components / suspension upgrades) Call to discuss further details : (818) 262-7357 www.aandbpde.com www.aandbracing.com ( Check out videos below of the various projects completed ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJVqwzKoSY0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtr5JDMx_eo&feature=youtu.be https://youtu.be/gpYVdygTcOg https://youtu.be/59a_IYRzHok https://youtu.be/qV-XMKiIc-Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6ryfYJwbAw https://youtu.be/eJ5t0C21cEI    



LocationSimi Valley, California
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