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One of my faves....a 1972 MGBGT.  Stylish, fun to drive, very versatile, and I love my 1974.  Great cars. This one spent its entire life in Arizona (think 'hot and dry') 'till it went to Georgia for a year and then to us.  Zero rust underneath, ORIGINAL paint on an excellent rust free body, we just spent a day wet sanding and buffing the paint and it came up almost like new.  VERY impressive.  Look at the 'mirror images' you see in the paint. Alas, doesn't have wire wheels BUT we have everything in stock to install 'em,  It does, however, have perfect working overdrive unit offering six forward ratios..   Clicks in and out perfectly and offers very satisfactory high gearing for highway use.  Engine is smooth and powerful, runs 75-80 psi oil pressure when warm, zero smoke cold or hot.  And even a Weber carb for both superior fuel efficiency and more performance. Interior appears to have been recently redone, new seats, panels, and carpets.  And a nice wood dashboard covering the cheap looking black vinyl. Everything else.....oil cooler, electric radiator cooling fan, cheap (and easily replaced) radio, quiet exhaust, tight front end, disc brakes, and a 1972....a much nicer dash than the 1968-1971 cars which lacked dashboard air vents and even a glove box (what were they thinking?).  We are fitting new tires, can offer Minilite style alloy wheels or wire wheels, have I covered everything of importance? In their day, these cars were known in England as 'the poor man's Aston Martin' and they offer many of the attributes of a zillion dollar Aston.  Comfy cozy in all weather, smooth performance, excellent handling, roomy interior and access via a hatchback.  And options we can add include:  full fabric sunroof, a/c, powerful auxiliary heater (drove my '74 all Winter in temperatures down to 15 degrees, still as pleasant as a modern car), any kind of road wheel, wood steering wheel, even dye the interior in any color (tan?) a buyer wishes.  Really a good car with a history in a rust free environment, with overdrive, no rust, and in very good condition.



LocationStratford, Connecticut
Exterior colorGreen
Interior color -
Transmission -
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Seat Material -
Air Conditioning -
AM/FM Radio -
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Power breaks -
Electronic ignition -
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