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Something a bit different but quite interesting. A beautiful white MGB with painted (matching white) rubber bumpers.....looks great.  All new tan interior, wood dash custom adapted to fit around the shift quadrant, new top, wire wheels, nice wood steering wheel, modern stereo and........Chevy V6 engine AND automatic transmission.   Hard to believe but only two pedals.  For the 'shiftless' automotive enthusiast. Works great, engine is both powerful and smooth at low revs.........really zips through traffic.  And clear that a lot of money was spent....new high capacity alloy radiator (we found the car in Florida so really well set up for hot weather), oil cooler, excellent rust free body and floor, spotless trunk, very clean engine bay.   We were told the engine has very few miles since it was rebuilt, carb was just rebuilt, perfect oil pressure, zero smoke, starts instantly and runs beautifully.  And at least twice the horsepower as a stock MGB. Excellent body, after wet sanding and buffing, the paint came up much like new, excellent floor and chassis, clearly this car has led a charmed life. Now....side stripes?  We were undecided whether to leave 'em on or take them off.   For now, 'on.'  But, of course....'off' would be a snap.  All categorized as 'personal taste.' For someone who wants the classic enjoyment of a small English sports car but cares not to shift, this could be the ideal compromise as it blends the best of the old, quaint, fun English car with a modern Chevy V6 engine and trans, easily serviced at any gas station.  And, needless to say, with over twice the horsepower as stock, it goes.  And even better is the flexibility of the larger engine.



LocationStratford, Connecticut
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