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When you want military-grade 4x4 hardware, or just the ability to intimidate anyone in traffic, this 1992 American General M998 HMMWV Humvee is exactly what you want. And you can get the vehicle that inspired the Hummer H1 for quite an obtainable price. No one has to tell about its military history, because this one wears it with pride. You'll even see markings from the 2nd Airborne from Fort Bragg only a couple of hours from our showroom. While the classic camouflage paint lets you know this one is ready for the off-road, it also has all the best hardware already installed. Because these were useful military tools, you'll notice a heavy duty brush guard, trailer hitch, and tow hooks front and rear. Inside is the pure function of a true Humvee. The seats are a durable vinyl, and the full instrumentation was built to be out in the elements. So the fun in this one begins where most other 4x4s find their limit. Plus, there's something extra rugged about a vehicle where the seatbelts are there to make sure you can stay planted while this one almost defies gravity with its ability. The sale even comes with provisions for doors and a roof if you so desire. Tilt the hood forward to get an excellent view of the 6.2-liter diesel engine. And because this is a variation of the motor that GM has used for decades, parts availability will continue to be quite good without having to set foot on a military base. Diesels are all about torque, and so it makes for a powerful package. We won't pretend you'll win any drag races, but that's never the point of owning a Humvee. This is true 4x4 with a reinforced fully independent suspension that has been built to drive over any obstacle. The big brush guard up front means nothing gets in your way, and the high all air intake means even deep water doesn't stop you. Plus, with a three-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and four-wheel power disc brakes, it's easier than you may think to enjoy one of the toughest pieces of military hardware available. This is not a vehicle for the average commuter. But it's perfect for everything from promoting your business to forging a new trail to the hunting camp. This vehicle was manufactured for the military and issued a non-standard VIN. We know your mind is racing with all the ways to enjoy this Humvee, but remember, the only way you get to do all of that is if you call today!



LocationConcord, North Carolina
MakeAM General
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