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With its unabashedly aggressive appearance, this 1995 Chevrolet S-10 SS Pro Street is sure to turn heads on the boulevard. Sporting a great assortment of exterior modifications and a drivetrain that's in top form. Not all exterior modifications are created equal, and with aggressive choices like what we see here, the road to completion is often fraught with peril, potentially giving rise to an end result not what it could have been. That's not the case with this custom truck. The elevation on the cowled hood sits nice and square, with smooth and seamless contours that provide evidence of a job well done, and if you look farther back, you'll see that all the preparations necessary to create just the right amount of offset for this S-10's massive rear tires have been done with precision to create an impressive, well-proportioned appearance. This Chevy is about more than visual impact, though - its jet-black exterior is well-finished, with nice alignment between body panels, clear glass on all four sides, sharp contrasting badging (especially that bowtie on the nose, with its orange border) and housings and seals that are all in good condition. The tan cloth interior remains largely in its stock form and is in great shape. The bucket seats feature integrated headrests and are covered in very thick, sturdy cloth that's definitely made for the long haul, and neither they nor the door panels show much in the way of wear or discoloration. A tachometer, sufficiently sized to be a conversation piece unto itself, looms just above the steering wheel to monitor your revs and provide a great aftermarket look, and an aftermarket AM/FM/CD sits front and center in the dash area to look after your audio needs. This Chevy was fortunate to have come along at a time when a multitude of very useful features were already available, and they're all on display here - including cruise control, power windows and door locks. Swing around to the bed area in back and you'll see that it's lined with a sturdy Rhino-like material and shows no obvious dings or scratches, with a fuel cell sitting up front and the contours for the pair of sizable wheel wells to accommodate its massive rear tires in plain sight. A 5.7L V8 crate engine sits under the hood! The theme here is exhilarating off the line performance, as a spooled rear end with 4.86 gears sits in back, and a shift kit has been added to the 4-speed automatic transmission, but its overdrive gear will help keep highway RPMs in check during less spirited, everyday driving. When you're not out pursuing thrills on the track, 4-wheel power disc brakes and power steering will give you the around town convenience you're after. Have a look underneath and you'll see that this S-10, in spite of its "built to thrill" configuration, has been treated with respect, as everything looks nice and straight on the undercarriage. This skillfully modded Chevy pickup rides on a set of 15" Weld Racing wheels and features a pair of massive, asphalt-gripping 33x21.50 Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires in back. Looking for a grin-inducing, high impact pickup with undeniable curb appeal? You should really take a look at this S-10 SS Pro Street. Call today!



LocationLutz, Florida
Exterior colorBlack
Interior colorLight Brown
Engine size -
Title status -
Aftermarket wheels -
Restoration history -
Exterior condition -
Seat Material -
Air Conditioning -
AM/FM Radio -
Custom Stereo -
Tinted windows -
Power breaks -
Electronic ignition -
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