The city of churches is a lovely place to drive around. Be it in the big smoke, or out to the wineries of the Barossa Valley and Mclaren Vale. This beautiful drive would be even more enjoyable if it were in your new imported American car! Import Direct Car Sales make this dream a reality via the American car imports, Adelaide drivers can enhance their Sunday drive with.

Our cost-effective service lets you choose from thousands of American vehicles, and when it comes to car transport, Adelaide residents have plenty of choices and a stress-free process available to them. Our classic car imports are available Australia-wide with a fast and safe process.

The Car Importers Adelaide Can Trust

Import Direct Car Sales have been bringing some of the finest vehicles you’ve ever seen into Australia for many years. Our industry contacts and experience will provide you with the peace of mind you need when making such a significant investment.

Many Australian car enthusiasts dream of having unhindered access to the world of classic American cars, and we make this not only possible but extremely easy. Organise a free quote today, and you’ll know the exact and final cost of getting your dream car from the States to your door. We are a one-stop-shop that handles the entire process, ensuring every necessary box is ticked.

The Car Import Process Has Never Been This Easy

When it comes to importing cars into Australia, many drivers are put off by the complex import process, and understandably so. Our team of experts make this much easier, removing the barrier that is keeping you from owning and driving your dream car.

The best part is, we not only simplify the process but also lower the costs by handling everything under one roof and giving you access to our systems and processes. We’ve worked for years to streamline the import process, making it more affordable for you. Just find your perfect car, and the rest is taken care of by our expert team.

adelaide classic car import

No longer just the Matchbox version, own your own 1937 Chevrolet Race Car.


The benefits of the Import Direct Car Sales process include:

  • High-quality service to ensure the protection of your new vehicle
  • Low rates
  • Door To Door Service
  • Accredited offshore cleaning
  • Free and easy online quotes and calculators
  • A database with 1000s of classic cars
  • Zero hidden costs

Calculating Your Costs Just Got Easier

Our shipping cost calculator is already a huge benefit to you, and you can access it for free. This handy tool will let you understand all of the costs associated with your purchase and import in Australian dollars.

This not only helps you budget accordingly, but it removes that shock of finding out you left a specific fee out of your calculations. Import Direct Car Sales will help ensure you are aware of everything before you start the import process, so no nasty or expensive surprises spring up later on.

Take Advantage of Import Direct Car Sales Today

The Import Direct Car Sales processes have been honed to a fine art to ensure that you have full access to the world of classic American cars with ease. We offer our neutral marketplace to drivers all around Adelaide and Australia, widening the capabilities of your local online dealership. Our simplified import process means for you, American car imports are no different from ordering a car online from the dealership down the road. The only variation being the options available to you. Be truly unique on the streets with something you will not find in Australia.

adelaide classic car import

Take a drive through the Adelaide Hills in this 1972 Ford Ranchero GT.

Start with our easy-to-use import cost calculator and listed vehicles. The hardest part is selecting which car you want! Once you figure that out, all of the relevant prices will be in Australian dollars so you can budget accordingly.

We only work with the finest handlers and dealers in the industry to ensure the safe and quick arrival of your vehicle. You won’t need to worry about any legalities or import documentation; we handle it all for you.

How We Simplified the Import Process

Our one-stop complete import service has changed the game. Drivers no longer need to assume the ownership of a classic American car is just a price dream, or only accessible for those with money to burn.

We make the process easy and affordable with:

  • Inventory search

The hardest part is finding your car. We make that easy with an enormous selection of American cars from a range of trusted dealers.

  • Calculating import costs

No need to carry the two, our calculator does it for you ensuring you can afford all of the costs associated with your import process with no hidden surprises.

  • Import services

When we are off and running, you just need to sit back and wait for your car to arrive. All import process logistics are taken care of by our team who ensure transportation, customs, quarantine, and all legal requirements are satisfied and ready for the Australian roads.

The American Car of Your Dreams is Waiting

The American muscle cars that were previously on your walls are ready and waiting to be in your driveway. Import Direct Car Sales are here to give you complete access to a wide range of dealers, followed by a simple and affordable way to get you out on the road in Adelaide in your new beast.

Let us handle the complexity of the import process on your behalf with a complete and simplified process. Start with a quote today for one of the vehicles in our online database; then we’ll put it into your driveway ASAP! We are on-hand to answer any questions you may have, and work hard to ensure you feel comfortable and stress-free while making one of the most enjoyable purchases of your life. Have a browse and let’s get you behind the wheel as soon as possible.