The comfort of SUVs. The luxury of a high sedan. The thrill of an old school Mini Cooper. The economy of a Hybrid. These are all great things in cars, but none of them quite give us the same goosebumps as firing up a classic muscle car and listening to that baby roar.

These days, there aren’t many dealers that stock the best American muscle cars Australia has to offer, or they are asking exorbitant prices if you are lucky enough to find one. But fear not- we have developed the solution for you. Through Import Direct Car Sales, you can import a beautiful American muscle car into Australia having selected it from a massive range of cars on offer from the largest muscle car market in the world.


import american muscle cars

Muscle your way into a car like this!

Having the ability to invest in a muscle car is just a pipedream for most American car enthusiasts in Australia. If you’re clued in, however, you’ll know that getting something really special is more affordable and achievable when you import muscle cars to Australia directly.

Finding the most secure, easy, and inexpensive service to do this represents the real challenge. With our genuine knowledge of the American market, and our years of experience of imports and knowledge of fees, legal admin and other hoops and hurdles to be navigated, we can help make your pipedreams a reality.

How do you import American Muscle Cars into Australia?

Many people don’t know the first place to start when it comes to importing a muscle car from the USA and this results in a being a put off for those who have always dreamt of owning their own purring beast. With the help of our expert team, this is no longer an issue. We can deliver to your door, or more specifically, your driveway, handling all stages of transit: overland and overseas in the meantime also taking care of all the legal, tax, and government regulations. This means the only thing you need to worry about is which brand of wax you need to buy!

Our experienced and reliable team takes care of the entire process, allowing them to deal with the various government departments and requirements during the import process. Our wide range of professionals have years of experience in importing a muscle car to Australia and are dedicated in providing you with a time and money saving experience of finding your ideal car.

What is the advantage of muscle car imports through Import Direct Car Sales?

Import Direct Car Sales gives you the ability to import cars into Australia with straightforward ease. Through our encyclopedic knowledge of the import process, the bundles of paperwork, hoops and hurdles are removed as we cover it all on your behalf. This means you can spend your energy only on finding the best muscle car of your dreams and then kick back and wait.

We believe we (as do many of our customer) are the top muscle car importers in Australia. We provide:

  • Accredited Overseas Biosecurity Cleaning Services
  • Asbestos Testing and NATA approved Clearance Certificates
  • Fast and Free Online Quotes
  • Search 100s of Muscle Cars
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Quality Service without Astronomical Rates
  • Complete Door to Driveway Service

We explain in easy to understand terms, the auto import service and all of the potential hidden costs involved so you have all you need to make your decision. You just need to search for your car, pay and then sit back and rest assured that your car will land in your driveway as soon as physically possible in great condition, worry-free!

How does it work?

Our range of services help to de-stress the car import process for you. We manage every element for you so you don’t have to be the expert. Our team gives you:

  • Inventory search - find the muscle car of your dreams courtesy of our wide-ranging database of muscle cars that collates a broad range of US based car sales websites. With our help, you can find any muscle car listed online.
  • Calculating import costs - Budgeting is an important part of importing a new vehicle, so let us help you to understand the costs associated with the import process ensuring you don’t find any hidden surprises.
  • Import services- we handle all of the import process once you’ve selected and purchased your car, to the point where your new vehicle is sitting in your driveway. We take care of all the processes each step of the way. If anything unforeseen arises, we will look after it, leaving you with peace of mind.


Our shipping cost calculator will help you plan for your new Muscle car, inclusive of our complete A-Z service. Search our sizable database to find even the rarest of muscle cars at good prices and from trusted sellers. Then kick back and leave the difficult parts and heavy lifting to us.

Every import requirement needed for getting the keys to your new muscle car from the US based seller to your hand is accounted for, so you can rest easy knowing that all the T’s have been crossed and the I’s have been dotted by us.

Transferring Money Overseas Made Easy

We make things as easy and secure as possible. No more do you have to stress about sending money overseas to someone you don’t know. When you’re buying your dream car through our marketplace, we process all payments, ensuring complete security. You do not pay for the cost associated with importing and shipping until your muscle car arrives safely in Australia.

import american muscle cars today

Open this baby up on some of Australia’s great open roads!


All of this makes Import Direct Car Sales the BEST marketplace for American muscle car imports Australia has to offer! The only question you need to answer right now is: what is your dream muscle car? Whatever your dream is, you’ll be sure to find it through our comprehensive online search!

Once you find the one you’ve always dreamed of, we will make all the necessary arrangements to bring the car over without the drawn-out waiting times, and in great condition!

Get yourself a free, no obligations, instantaneous online quote today, with our import calculator then get in touch with us to start the headache-free import process. Import Direct Car Sales opens up a whole new world of cars you may never have found otherwise and makes them all much more easily accessible. So, no more dreaming! Hurry up and get your new wheels in your garage, pronto!