If you grew up with American muscle cars on your walls, you’ll likely be very pleased to know that the dream of owning one here in Australia is very possible! We know how great the prices can be over there, and you may have already found yourself a deal that is too good to refuse but are overwhelmed by the logistics of getting it here? Import Direct Car Sales can help, we handle American car imports Melbourne drivers can take full advantage of to secure their dream car.

As experts in car transport, Melbourne drivers can utilise our services to achieve a door to door service solution. We also have an extensive database of classic car imports for you to take advantage of, keeping the entire process within our care.

The Most Experience Car Importers Melbourne Can Find

We make the complex process of importing a vehicle much simpler, and we’ve been doing it successfully for quite a while. We’ll arrange the following fully inclusive process, so you can relax and wait for the arrival of your new car:

  1. Local land travel to the chosen port of origin
  2. International shipping
  3. Transferring to the destination from the port of landing
  4. All necessary paperwork for legalities, tax and government regulations

Our skilled and experienced team are always on-hand to answer all of your questions giving you complete peace of mind that your new favourite toy is in professional hands every step of the way.

Find your dream car, acquire your dream care

We are car enthusiasts ourselves, and we know that a significant amount of enjoyment comes with the search. You may already know which vehicle you want or are excited to find some ideas, either way, the Import Direct Car Sales database can help.

Once you find it, our import process to Melbourne is simple as far as you are concerned because we handle the paperwork, compliance, and legal requirements.

american car import transport shipping melbourne

If this 1937 Chevrolet Race Car is your dream car, Import Direct Car Sales can help make it a reality.

Import Direct Car Sales Service Benefits

All import prices are detailed clearly to save any nasty surprise costs and help with your budgeting. We work hard to keep you properly informed about the import process, and the best part is this is all offered at the lowest rates available in the industry.

Simple Cost Calculator

From our efficient online quote process to our shipping cost calculator we make it easy for you to understand and plan every cost to your vehicle import. Once you have your price set, location logistics are no issue. We make buying a car from America and getting it to Melbourne as easy as purchasing something from your local dealership.

From perusing the Import Direct Car Sales marketplace, to the process of making a purchase, our holistic service is designed to cater to every necessary step. The ease of selecting and budgeting is just one of the many ways that we simplify the car importing process for our customers. Buying your dream car should be fun, and we remove the complicated obstacles to make sure that’s the case. Never before has it been this easy to organise American car imports that are only available through concessional import arrangements.

american car import transport shipping melbourne

If you have always dreamed about this 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in Golden Brown, our team of experts can bring it to Melbourne with ease.

Start your search with our extensive database of vehicles ready for importing, and then use our easy-to-use import cost calculator which can be applied to all of our listed vehicles for understanding the expected landed price of each vehicle in Australian dollars. No need for quotes for the various components that make up the importing process, everything you need is fully detailed.

Our service includes a range of established professionals both here and overseas from the import and compliance industries. We can guarantee that all of these providers will take the highest levels of care possible with your vehicle, ensuring its safe arrival at your door. This high level of quality service is the reason why so many car lovers have trusted us with the process of their new purchase.

The Complete Process For Car Transport Melbourne-Wide

Import Direct Car Sales can take care of the full purchase and import process for your new American vehicle. Here we break down exactly the service offerings we provide to make the process simpler for you:

  • An In-depth Inventory Search
    There isn’t much that can’t be found via our significant database that has a range of new and classic cars from internationally based car sales websites. If you want a truly unique ride that turns heads on the Melbourne streets, this is where you’ll find it.
  • Full Calculation of All Import Costs
    Understand the costs associated with the importing process with our Australian dollar calculator where there are no hidden costs.
  • Import services
    We offer a team of passionate experts who will help you understand all of the import process logistics from transportation to customs, quarantine, and more. We tick all of the boxes for you so nothing is missed.

Bring Your American Dream Car to Melbourne Today!

Start the process of acquiring your dream car with Import Direct Car Sales today. Enjoy the search and when you have found the right one for you, we’ll ensure its safe arrival. We provide minimum transit times, and the best hands in the shipping services market looking after your new baby.

Start with a no-obligation quote online today, to see how it fits within your budget. When you are ready to make things happen, let us know and we’ll handle the import process for you, getting you on the road in your new pride and joy in no time!