Find a Vehicle 

Use our site to find your dream vehicle.


Once you have found the vehicle, we put you directly in touch with the seller, allowing you to negotiate the purchase price.

Pre-purchase Report 

Whether your car is in Australia or overseas, it is not wise to purchase a vehicle sight unseen. We recommend all buyers opt for a pre-purchase report. We have recommended vehicle inspection companies available in each of the locations that vehicles are advertised in on this site. It’s also very important to have an inspection for insurance purposes before engaging your selected logistics provider.

Secure Payments and Foreign Exchange

Secure international payments are available, including foreign exchange, so there is no need to go to the bank or fly halfway around the world for your financial transaction.  We live in a modern world where there are plenty of scammers online so utilize a secure international payment process and don’t take the risk. If you’re not there to hand over the money, let our trusted partners do it for you.

Inland Transportation

It’s important to ensure your inland transportation is done by a reputable company with insurance as accidents can and do happen from time to time. Good transporters do their own basic condition reports. We only utilize reputable insured transporters.

Asbestos Testing

Offshore Asbestos testing is a requirement from the Australian Border Force for all used vehicles. Our logistics partners can handle asbestos testing and removal in Los Angeles on your behalf to ensure you do not get any penalties and/or additional testing charges on arrival.

Australian Bio Security

Australia has strict bio security requirements. All vehicles must be clean and free of plant material such as leaves, seeds, fruits & flowers, soil, animals & insects. It’s important this is handled prior to departing the country of origin so you can avoid delays and additional cleaning  fees on arrival.


There are few different methods of shipping vehicles across the ocean

  • Shared container
  • Your dedicated container
  • Roll on Roll off

Which option is best depends on your circumstances, the source market, and service availability.


Shared containers when available are generally the most cost efficient. It is very important to have professional depots handling your vehicles at both ends which is why we have aligned ourselves with partners covering the full supply chain with many years of experience. Our shipping calculator is based on a shared container service.

Dedicated containers are more expensive but are preferred if the shipment is time sensitive, or a high value vehicle.

Roll On Roll Off are purpose built ships to carry vehicles. The service is efficient and designed for large volumes of vehicle to move at once. It is not ideal for lowered vehicles due to the vessel ramps or powerful race cars as these are driven on and off the ships by stevedores. This Service is also not ideal for any vehicle that is preferred to be kept under cover, as vehicles are parked outside at the ports up to a week before being loaded on the ship and non runners are not accepted.

Customs Clearance – In Australia you require a licensed customs broker to calculate your import taxes and liaise with Australian Border Force and Bio Security. Vehicles will be stored in a customs bonded facility until the government is paid and the quarantine have inspected the vehicle.

Delivery to Door – You are able to pick up your vehicle yourself from the customs bonded facilities but its recommended they are delivered via tilt tray to your compliance workshop or home. Many American vehicles arrive with the brakes removed to comply with the asbestos requirements. Vehicles have not been complied to Australian design rules (ADRs) yet therefore road permits are invalid and the vehicle is not insured for road use.

Compliance – Is required if you intend to register your vehicle for road use in Australia. This is separate to a road worthy inspections / repairs, and includes work such as child anchor restraints.  Once your vehicle meets ADRs it is ready for registration in your state or territory.

Registration – Each state of Australia has its own rules and below are links to the current requirements


New South Wales



South Australia

Western Australia


Northern Territory