They just don’t make cars like the old days... all these new cars are built so that when one small part goes wrong, you need expensive diagnostic equipment to find the fault and repairs aren’t cheap...But you don’t have to settle for that! You can still buy these user friendly, great classic cars, even though they are no longer in the dealerships! You can buy straight from the sellers overseas – and much cheaper than you would pay on the local market – if you could even find the right one!

Just because the cars are overseas, does not mean that they are out of reach for you in Australia! Import Direct Car Sales international shipping is the best and most cost-effective way to access vast numbers of classic and vintage cars for sale that you simply cannot find through local dealerships and very hard to find on the local market.

When it comes to finding old-timer cars for sale and then bringing them into Australia, our international car sales market is second to none and as an added benefit, our service also takes total care of all classic car imports Australia wide. We make sure that your vehicle hits your driveway swiftly and in prime condition, meaning you’ll be turning heads and enjoying motor-uniqueness out on the roads in no time at all.

classic vintage for for importing

Considered by many to be the most beautiful car ever designed - and it could be yours


Many people have no idea where to start when they look to buy classic cars from overseas and this is discouraging for those who have always wanted to find European and American old timer cars and bring them to your garage. With the help of our expert team, this is no longer an issue.

We can deliver to your driveway and handle all components of the logistics, from the overseas seller to the international port and over the oceans, all the while also taking care of the complex legal, tax, and government regulations on your behalf. This means the only thing you need to worry about whether you want fuzzy dice or forest pine freshener hanging from your rearview mirror!

Our knowledgeable and reliable team takes care of the whole process, being able to answer any and all questions you will have during the buying and transport processes. Our wide-reaching network of professionals have years of experience in international car sales and are dedicated to giving you a time and money-saving experience when acquiring your ideal car.


Import Direct Car Sales gives you the ability to find classic cars for sale with greater simplicity. Through our rigorous knowledge of overseas car markets, we have scoured the globe to bring you a marketplace that’s sure to find you your dream car. This widens the selection of potential new vehicles that you can have at your fingertips and brings you that bit closer to finally owning your beautiful dream car.

Our sales marketplace enhances your driving options through:

  • Accredited Offshore Biosecurity Cleaners
  • Quick Free Online Quotes
  • Search 1000s of classic cars for sale
  • Locate Your Dream Car
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Quality Service at Low Rates
  • Complete Door to Door Service

We decode all of the potential hidden costs involved in international car purchasing so you have all you need to make your decision. You just need to find and select your car, then sit back and put your feet up as our service brings your car to your driveway, signed, sealed, delivered.


Our shipping cost calculator will help you plan for your new vehicle, inclusive of our complete end to end service. Search our extensive database to find the rarest vehicles at both good prices and from trusted sellers and then leave the headache inducing logistics to us.

With this calculator in your pocket, you can have transparency over car purchase costs that you just don’t get from going direct to dealerships. You remain in the driver’s seat of the process at all times.


Import Direct Car Sales offers an open marketplace and practical process to help people hunt for their dream car. Through our website, you can view a range of great vehicle options available for sale from sources all across the planet. We make sure you have a clear rundown of all costs associated with buying old cars.

Trust us to make it easy for you to find, compare, and buy beautiful old cars that would otherwise be unattainable.

Use our sales cost calculator to find out how much each of our listed vehicles might cost you to buy and get it delivered to your house! You’ll be able to see the actual landed prices of the vehicles in Australian dollars, so you no longer need to be an exchange rate guru! Our costs already incorporate all of the other fees that come up throughout the buying process too, so there are no hidden surprises in your “glove compartments”!

Last, but most definitely not least, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that our reputable sellers will take complete care of your vehicle. You simply will not find an easier way to purchase the car you have always dreamt about. We work to place you in your dream car.


Our range of services help to streamline the vehicle purchase process. We clarify every aspect and cost for you, so you don’t have to be an expert, because we are! Our team offers:

  • Inventory search
    Find the car of your dreams via our significant database of classic cars that draws from a range of overseas based car sales websites. With our help, your search can reach far and wide.
  • Transparency of Costs
    Budgeting is a big part of buying a classic vehicle, so we help you to understand the costs associated with the buying process, leaving no hidden surprises. We want this to be a happy experience for you.
  • Import services
    We handle all aspects of the import process once you’ve selected and purchased your vehicle, from pick up to the point where your new vehicle is sitting in your driveway. Each step of the way is controlled by us. If any issue arises, we will deal with it, ensuring your peace of mind.
import vintage old cars to australia

It’s hard to beat an old Roller...


It doesn’t matter what car you’ve always dreamed of driving. It doesn’t even matter what colour. What matters is that it’s time for you to realise your dream. What are you waiting for? Start looking today. Don’t you deserve it?

Once you have bought the car that’s right for you, Import Direct Car Sales will make all the necessary arrangements to deliver the car from overseas to Australia without lengthy wait times.

Get yourself an instant free, no obligations online quote today, with our import calculator then get in touch with us to start the worry-free classic car buying process. Import Direct Car Sales helps to broaden your horizons when it comes to car options and bring it all home to you.