When it comes to high-quality overseas car transport, Gold Coast residents have easy access to the experts at Import Direct Car Sales. We simplify the import process with a cost-effective solution that makes it easy to turn the whole world into your local dealership.

We handle a range of Gold Coast import cars from America, specifically when it comes to classic car imports. More than just importers, we are the home to one of the finest holistic marketplaces, meaning you can find the car of your dreams and have it arrive safely on your door, all through us!

The Most Efficient International Car Transport Gold Coast Drivers Can Access

The idea of importing a vehicle can be overwhelming, with many people giving up on their dream car when they see exactly what is involved. Import Direct Car Sales works to rectify that, by handling all of the complexities for you. Our expert team offers a simple complete process that includes;

  • A database of available classic cars
  • Delivery to your door
  • Handling of all local land travel
  • Sailing
  • Transferring
  • All legal, tax, and government regulations

We are experts in the entire process, we’ve handled it for many customers over many years, and that experience is available for you to take advantage of. We can answer any questions that you have about your vehicle import to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

From The Car Yards Of America Delivered To The Gold Coast Classic

The ability to import cars with ease into Australia means you have a significantly bigger pool of vehicles to choose from. It also means that it is much easier to have something unique in your garage.

Our team demystifies the import process by taking care of all required paperwork, compliance, and legalities on your behalf. All you need to handle is the fun part of finding your dream car!

american car import transport shipping gold coast

If you have always wanted a 1958 Cadillac Coupe Deville in your garage, we can make that happen.

The Import Direct Car Sales offers an all-inclusive process that covers;

We make a point of ensuring all import costs are very clearly organized and detailed from the start so you can budget accordingly. Our exceptional levels of service are in place to give you full peace of mind and guarantee the safe arrival of your new vehicle.

Need Help With The Budget?

We’ve designed our shipping cost calculator specifically to make the process of your budgeting less complicated and completely transparent. Prices are inclusive of our garage to door service, so all you need to do is peruse our extensive database, and our calculator will give you the exact costs in AUD for your chosen vehicle.

Prices include every step in the process, and importing requirement, so you know all boxes are ticked, and no ugly surprise charges will pop up.

Why Trust Import Direct Car Sales With Your Shipping Import

The last thing you want after you have found the car of your dreams is for it to arrive damaged. At Import Direct Car Sales, we care about these vehicles and treat them as if they were our own. We are not only a neutral marketplace for classic American cars; we are car lovers ourselves.

We simplified the import process because we wanted to make it easier for people to attain their dream car, plus we love seeing these classic cars on the road in the Gold Coast! We have years of experience, a portfolio of successful imports and a large customer base who all know that the home of quality American car imports in the Gold Coast is at Import Direct Car Sales.

american car import transport shipping gold coast

Put yourself behind the wheel of this 1971 Plymouth Road Runner with a little help from our team.

Our Australia-Based Services For International Imports

We’ve designed our all-inclusive process to cover all of the necessary facets of international car imports. While our team operates here in Australia to make things easier for you, we have a trusted range of suppliers and operators overseas that we have worked with for many years to handle things on the other end.

This forms one high-end cohesive process that makes everything easier for you, including;

  • Inventory Search
    The first step is deciding which car we’ll be importing to the Gold Coast for you. That’s the hard part when there are 1000s of options via our in-depth database sourced from available vehicles overseas and locally. Luckily, it’s also the fun part! Finding the car of your dreams is step one.
  • Calculate Import Costs
    We’ve made the second step very easy. Our import calculator will detail all required costs for your new vehicle. All associated charges are laid out in AUD with no surprise hidden fees so you can budget accordingly.
  • Import Services
    The last part is the hard part - but not for you! We handle everything that is required as part of the import process. All paperwork, logistics and anything else needed to get your new vehicle into your driveway. Our expert team sorts out transportation, customs, quarantine, and legal requirements on your behalf.

Get Ready To Call Your "Dream Car"... "Your" Car.

We make dreams come true here at Import Direct Car Sales, ensuring your new vehicle experiences minimum transit times, the highest levels of care and total security for its journey across the pond.

Search our database for the car of your dreams then get a free immediate online quote. The import process will be worry-free, but if you have any questions at any point, our experts are here to help. Import Direct Car Sales makes the world your car dealership, with all vehicles easily accessible thanks to our proven process. Get ready; your new ride isn’t very far away at all.