For the finest overseas car transport, Canberra residents can rely on the experts at Import Direct Car Sales who have a cost-effective way to give you access to the classic car dealerships of America.

As experts in car transport, Canberra drivers can trust our team to safely deliver a range of rare and hard-to-find cars from America. Our classic car imports start at our in-depth marketplace, encompass all costs and shipping requirements, and end with the safe arrival to your door.

The most efficient international car transport Canberra drivers can access

We made the process of importing a vehicle much simpler and more affordable. Import Direct Car Sales handles all of the complexities for you via our expert team of importing specialists. We provide the following via our service;

  • A vast database of available classic cars
  • Complete delivery to your door
  • All local land travel
  • Sailing
  • Transferring
  • All legal, tax, and government regulations

We have brought many cars over into Australia during our years of operations, and we have become the experts in negotiating the fine details and managing the complicated process. Our experience means things have become much more straightforward for you. Take advantage of the processes we’ve refined, and our reliable industry connections to gain the ultimate peace of mind when buying the car of your dreams.

Your online dealership for the world of classic cars

We have been importing cars into Australia for many years and have curated a range of USA based dealerships giving you a significantly sized pool of vehicles to choose from. You’ll find some of the most unique vehicles in our database, and they are certainly not what you would typically see on the streets of Canberra.

We take the hassle out of the import process inclusive of all the paperwork, compliance, and legalities; saving you time, stress and money.

canberra classic car import

Getting this Datsun 280ZX 1979 into your garage is a lot easier than you might think with our help.

To help make things even easier for you and your budgeting, we detail all import costs in Australian dollars and give you all of this information right from the beginning so you are aware of your complete total obligations. That means no commitment is required from you until you understand the full price, with no hidden fees or requirements that pop up later.

Our all-inclusive process can cover:

  • Offshore cleaning of your vehicle from an accredited team so it looks stunning upon arrival
  • Free online quotes with no hidden fees and no obligations
  • Access to our database with thousands of classic cars
  • Proven high-quality service at a low cost
  • Complete garage to door service

Understanding the costs of getting your dream car

Price is a significant factor in any decision to buy a car, and when it comes to importing, it isn’t always clear what that will be. Except it is! Thanks to our shipping cost calculator, the calculated price for importing a vehicle is far less complicated and completely transparent. We can give you a total cost in Australian dollars which is inclusive of our garage to door service.

As the only neutral marketplace for classic American cars in Australia, we work hard to ensure a simplified and affordable import process. We’re car nuts ourselves so the more of these rare and beautiful cars on the roads in Canberra, the better!

Along with our years of experience and portfolio of successful imports, we have our passion for quality cars. Every vehicle is treated with total care so you can trust that all American car imports handled by Import Direct Car Sales will arrive safely.


canberra classic car import

This 1970 Pontiac GTO, known as The Judge, can be in your driveway with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Australian services for international imports

Our all-inclusive process keeps you updated every step of the way, via our expert Australia based team that covers all of the necessary elements of international car imports. We base our operations here in Australia to make things easier for you and liaise with our trusted range of suppliers and operators in the States.

Our process is very easy to understand and does not require much time or effort from you at all:

  • It starts with an inventory search

This is the fun part - finding your car! It’s also the hardest part as we have thousands of options to choose from, thanks to our in-depth database. Take your time while searching, enjoy yourself, and get ready to have your mind blown by the cars on offer that could potentially be yours.

  • Calculating the import costs

Once you’ve found your new car, our import calculator details all of the necessary costs in AUD so you can budget accordingly. The vehicle and all import costs and fees are included so you will have zero nasty surprise charges popping up down the track.

  • We handle the import services

Even though it is the most complicated step of the process, we will require you to do absolutely nothing at all! We go ahead and take care of the entire import process, handling paperwork, logistics and anything else that may be required to ensure your new vehicle is safely and legally placed into your driveway. Just leave it to our expert team who handles transportation, customs, quarantine, and legal requirements on your behalf.

Get scrolling and find your new dream car today

We love our jobs here at Import Direct Car Sales, as not only do we get to work with some of the finest cars ever created; we get to see that smile on your face when you finally own one! Trust us to ensure minimum transit times and the highest levels of care with every import.

Start with a free immediate, no-obligation online quote, and if you have any questions at any point, we are here to help. For car nuts in Canberra, Import Direct Car Sales makes the world your car dealership. Your dream car is sitting somewhere in our database; all you have to do is find it! We’ll take care of its safe arrival after that.