Just because you reside in Perth, Australia, doesn’t mean that you cannot be the proud owner of an American muscle or classic car. The unique vehicles of the United States car culture are now easily accessible to those of us down under, who have always dreamed of owning one. Import Direct Car Sales make the American car imports Perth drivers are looking for easily accessible.

We are tried and proven experts in car transport. Perth drivers can take advantage of our services via an extensive database of classic car imports with simple methods to calculate the cost and an affordable import process that requires no time from your schedule.

The most experienced car importers Perth has access to

The complex process of importing a vehicle understandably puts many potential car owners off. You probably haven’t even considered the fact that you could bring your dream car from over the pond because it would be too hard or expensive? With our help, things become much more straightforward, as we arrange the following fully inclusive process for you.

  • Local land travel
  • International shipping
  • Transfer to the final destination from the port of landing
  • All necessary paperwork for legalities, tax and government regulations

You can trust our skilled and experienced team when it comes to peace of mind in a safe and secure import for your dream car.

A wide selection of vehicles to choose from

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we know what to look for, and have curated several dealerships in the states that we know will bring you the finest vehicles available. We’ve collated them in our expansive database which you can search and see in Australia dollars.

Whether you know which vehicle you want or need to find some inspiration, you’ll love searching our Import Direct Car Sales vehicle database. When you find that dream car, the import process to Perth is far easier than you probably think.

perth classic car import

After something truly unique? This Packard Patrician 1956 from Import Direct Car Sales fits the bill.

The Import Direct Car Sales difference

  • We make it easy for you to know what you need to pay
  • No hidden costs
  • Low rates
  • Complete door to door service
  • Accredited offshore care for your new vehicle
  • Free no-obligation online quotes
  • An in-depth database that features 1000s of rare and classic American cars

We’ve made sure that all import prices are detailed clearly so you understand the exact price of your new vehicle before you commit to a single thing. When you do want to move forward, we keep you informed about the import process every step of the way.

Take advantage of our cost calculator

When we say we make things easy for you, we mean it. This starts from the very first step, and you’ll quickly learn this when you use our efficient online quoting process and shipping cost calculator.

You can take your time ensuring you are comfortable with the price; then you leave the location logistics to us. The process is as easy as buying a vehicle from your local dealership.

Start with the Import Direct Car Sales marketplace (which is easily the fun part), then leave the less-fun stuff to us! We remove the complicated obstacles often involved with American car imports and make vehicles that are usually only available through concessional import arrangements much simpler to acquire.

If you have any questions, just let us know! Our goal is to ensure you are entirely comfortable with the process.


Perth classic car imports

If you have always dreamed about this Clenet Series II 1980, we can help put it in your driveway.

Start your search with our extensive database

We have an extensive range of vehicles ready for importing, all of which can be used with our import cost calculator that will give you the expected landed price of each car in Australian dollars. All of the various components that make up the importing process are accounted for in the one price and fully detailed.

We only work with established professionals both here and overseas, which allows us to guarantee the highest levels of care for your new vehicle. This gives you the peace of mind of safe arrival at your door. We treat every single import as if we had just bought it ourselves.

Our car transport Perth-wide process

As we handle the complete import process, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ve refined this over many successful years of operation and can confidently say it is efficient and safe. Our process includes:

  • Inventory search

There is no shortage of classic car options in our database. We have easy access to the cars that enthusiasts in Perth have only ever dreamed of. Your dealership down the road really doesn’t look like this.

  • Full calculation of import costs

Cover all bases in terms of price for the importing process with our Australian dollar calculator. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs, and you don’t have to worry about committing to anything before you understand the full price. Total transparency is how we operate, all the time.

  • Import services

Your new pride and joy will be in the best hands in the industry, thanks to our hand-picked team of passionate experts who handle all of the import process logistics. We take care of transportation, customs, quarantine, and all other boxes that need to be ticked on your behalf.

The American car of your dreams is a few clicks away

The best way to start the process of acquiring your dream car is just by looking through our database! Import Direct Car Sales offer minimum transit times, and a no-obligation quote online so you can understand exactly what is needed for acquiring your dream car.

Get on the road in your new pride and joy with our help. We’re here to provide total peace of mind, so feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. Get ready to impress on the Perth roads with your new toy soon!