It’s no secret that Internationally, it is home to some great classic cars. Just because they are housed overseas, that doesn’t mean you can’t call one your very own here in Australia! Import Direct Car Sales international shipping is a cost-effective way to access thousands of vehicle options that you simply cannot find at the dealerships here.

When it comes to bringing rare and classic vehicles into Australia our international car shipping process takes complete care of all classic car imports Australia-wide. We ensure your vehicle arrives safely and quickly, meaning you’ll be turning heads out on the road in no time at all.

One-stop International Car Shipping Australia

The often confusing and involved process of Importing a vehicle is a deterrent for those who have always dreamt of owning a car brand made internationally. With the help of our expert team, this simply is not an issue. We deliver to your door, handling local land travel, sailing, and transferring while also taking care of the legal, tax, and government regulations. This means the only thing you need to worry about is which scent the air freshener will be on your new rearview mirror!

Our skilled and experienced team takes care of the entire process, answering any questions you may have while arranging every detail of your vehicle import. Our large network of professionals have years of experience in international car importing and specialise in ensuring you have a stress-free process that won’t break the bank.

What Exactly Can We Do For You?

Import Direct Car Sales gives you the ability to import cars into Australia with ease. By demystifying the import process, the hurdles of paperwork, compliance, and legalities are removed as we handle them all on your behalf. This increases the pool of potential new vehicles that you can find and makes it possible to acquire your dream car.

international car import shipping transport

How does this 1968 Pontiac Beaumont make you feel? With our help, it’s yours.

Our import service makes your life easier with;

  • Accredited Offshore Cleaning
  • Quick Free Online Quotes
  • Search 1000s of Classic Cars
  • Find Your Dream Classic Car
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Quality Service At Low Rates
  • Complete Door To Door Service
  • Low Prices and High-Quality Service

We detail all of the potential hidden costs involved in international car shipping so you are properly informed. From here you just need to find your car, then sit back and enjoy our exceptional levels of service in carefully getting your car to your door.

Door To Door Service That You Can Trust

Our shipping cost calculator will help you budget for your vehicle inclusive of our complete door to door service. Search our extensive database to find the rarest vehicles at the best prices, and leave the location logistics to us.

Every process step and importing requirement involved with getting your new vehicle from its starting location to your driveway is accounted for, so you can rest easy knowing all boxes are ticked.

The Reasons Why People Choose Import Direct Car Sales

Import Direct Car Sales offers a neutral marketplace and simplified process to help people own their dream classic car. Through our website, you can view a range of great vehicle options available for importing from sources all around the globe. We make sure you have a clear outline of the prices associated with importing your vehicle.

Trust us to make it easy for you to find, compare, and buy American car imports that would otherwise be unattainable.

international car import shipping transport

We can place you in the seat of this 1966 Ford Mustang with no issues or effort required from you!

Give our easy-to-use import cost calculator a go and apply it to any of our listed vehicles. You’ll be able to see the actual landed prices of the vehicles in Australian dollars to budget accordingly. Our costs are inclusive of all the various components of the importing process so you don’t have to worry about missing something or being stung with an unexpected fee down the track.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that our expert importers will take complete care of your vehicle. You simply will not find an easier way to acquire the car you have dreamt of for years, we love putting people in their perfect vehicles!

Our International Car Shipping Australia-Based Services

Our range of services minimise the complexity of the vehicle import process. We handle every element for you so you don’t have to be an expert because we are! Our team offers;

  • Inventory search
    Find the car of your dreams via our significant database of classic cars that collate a range of internationally based car sales websites. With our help, your search encompasses the whole world!
  • Calculating import costs
    Budgeting is a big part of buying a new vehicle, so we help you to understand the costs associated with the import process with no surprise hidden costs springing up at all.
  • Import services
    We handle all of the import process logistics right to the point where your new vehicle is sitting in your driveway. Each step including transportation, customs, quarantine, and all other legal requirements are taken care of. If there are any other details relevant to your specific import, we’ll make sure they are covered on your behalf.

Ready For Your Dream Car? Start Shopping Today!

A lot of the fun is in the search! Get ready to have your mind blown by the many options available on our site. Once you find the one for you, Import Direct Car Sales will ensure it is imported with minimum transit times, with the highest levels of care taken as well.

Get a free immediate online quote today, with our import calculator then get in touch with us to start the worry-free import process. Import Direct Car Sales opens up the world of cars to you and makes them all much more easily accessible. There is no limit to what your new vehicle can be with us on your team, shop today!