From the dealerships across America to your driveway in Sydney, Import Direct Car Sales make acquiring your dream car easy. With our American car imports, Sydney drivers can hit the road in vehicles most Australian’s only dream of. Our cost-effective and simplistic process lets you choose from thousands of American vehicles that you won’t see in your local dealership.

When it comes to car transport, Sydney residents can take advantage of our time-tested process for classic car imports Australia-wide. All vehicles arrive safely and quickly, and every necessary box in the complex import process is ticked.

The Car Importers Sydney Can Trust

With many years in the industry, an involved list of trusted contacts and countless imports under our belt, Import Direct Car Sales offers you peace of mind like no other. We handle every step of the process, including helping you to find your dream car in the United States; thanks to our in-depth marketplace database.

The world of American classic cars and imports has never been easier to access than through us. Your dream car is on our website, and the best part is, all you have to do is find it - that’s the fun part! Once you do, we’ll provide a free quote that details the exact and final cost of getting it to your door. There is no need to engage any other supplier, we are your one-stop-shop for every step of the process.

Learn How We Make The Import Process Easy

Our ability to import cars into Australia, makes an otherwise complex import process much easier. Most car enthusiasts give up when they realise everything involved in organising an import themselves, especially when the cost comes into play.

With our team on the case, not only do the costs lower, but you only have to lift a finger to click your mouse and find your perfect car, we handle the rest.

american car import transport shipping sydney

Have you been looking for this 1968 Chevrolet Corvette? Well with us, you’ve found it.

How do we make things easy for you? By offering the following;

  • Quality Service At Low Rates
  • Complete Door To Door Service
  • Low Prices and High-Quality Service
  • Accredited Offshore Cleaning
  • Quick Free Online Quotes
  • Search 1000s of Classic Cars
  • Find Your Dream Classic Car
  • No Hidden Costs

Our proven import process ensures that you are properly informed. Choosing your car is the hardest part! After that, you can just sit back and wait while we handle everything for you.

Understand All Of The Relevant Costs - With No Surprises!

We’ve designed our shipping cost calculator in such a way that you can get a complete idea of any costs in Australian dollars. This means preparing (and sticking to) your budget is easy.

A lot of classic car lovers are shocked to find out that they think that every cost had been accounted for, when suddenly some hidden surprises pop up while they are trying to import their car. That is simply not an issue with Import Direct Car Sales. We make sure you are aware of everything before we begin the import process.

The Many Benefits Of Import Direct Car Sales

Import Direct Car Sales offer Sydney residents full access to the world of American classic cars. Our neutral marketplace extends the abilities of your local dealership, offering you access to cars that would otherwise only be a poster on your wall.

Add to this our simplified import process and your dream car becoming a reality has never been easier. Find, compare, and buy American car imports with ease.

american car import transport shipping sydney

Have you ever pictured yourself in this 1963 Sunbeam Alpine? Stop picturing and make it a reality with our help!

Our easy-to-use import cost calculator can be used on all of our listed vehicles providing you with all of the relevant prices in Australian dollars. Budget accordingly by knowing each cost that will be associated with the import process.

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your new car will be well-taken care of during transport. We have curated the finest in the industry during our many years of importing vehicles from America to ensure you have a premium team looking after your vehicle.

The Best Car Importers Australia Has On Offer

The idea that the vehicle import process is difficult is a thing of the past, thanks to our one-stop complete import service. We handle every element by offering;

  • Inventory search
    An enormous selection of American cars from a range of dealers that you would never have access to in such an easy to search way! We have significant varieties of vehicles available so finding the right one for you won’t be an issue.
  • Calculating import costs
    Ensuring you can afford your new dream car is easy as we will make sure you understand all of the costs associated with the import process. There will be no hidden surprise costs when we are on the case.
  • Import services
    All import process logistics are taken care of including transportation, customs, quarantine, and all legal requirements involved in getting your car on the Australian roads. No box is left unticked thanks to our skills and expertise.

Make The Dream American Car Yours Today!

We all grew up with American muscle cars on our walls. We’ve seen them in movies and dreamt about what it might be like to sit behind the wheel of one. That is possible now with Import Direct Car Sales. We’ll help you find your dream car, from a wide range of dealers in the States, and bring it safely home to anywhere in Australia, so that you can enjoy it out on the road.

The complexity of the import process is officially now a myth thanks to our complete, simplified process. Get a quote today and enjoy searching through our online database. We know you’ll be impressed by what is on offer and will definitely find the car of your dreams. Let’s put it into your driveway as quickly as possible!