Would you like easy access to the classic car dealerships of America? Do the muscle cars in the magazines seem more like a dream than a possible reality? Import Direct Car Sales make all of this a possibility; and a simple one at that. We provide a process for American car imports; Brisbane drivers can take advantage of to expand the vehicle options available to them significantly.

We have created a proven cost-effective and simplistic process that provides easy access to thousands of American vehicles, covering every step of the purchase and import process on your behalf. When it comes to car transport, Brisbane residents have a range of classic car import options that will arrive safely with every necessary box ticked.

The Imported Cars Brisbane Can Really On

Import Direct Car Sales have been in the industry for many years, and along with our trusted contacts we have successfully delivered countless imports, bringing the cars that dreams are made of to drivers all over Brisbane. For complete peace of mind in knowing every step of the process is handled, get in contact with us today.

You can shop our vast range of cars available for sale in the United States via our in-depth marketplace database which covers all of the classic cars you could ever want. All you have to do is find the one you love, and we’ll provide a free quote that explains exactly how we will get it to your door.

The Classic Car Import Process Just Got Easier

We know how daunting the idea of importing cars into Australia from the USA can be. Most drivers give up the minute they see the required paperwork! Our expert team does this every day and will make the complex import process much more straightforward. We already do everything at the lowest cost available, passing those savings onto our clients and ensuring that they do not have to lift a finger.

american car import transport shipping brisbane

Ever pictured yourself driving a Ford Crown Victoria 1955? We can make that happen.

The many advantages of letting Import Direct Car Sales handle your car import, include;

  • Low rates
  • Garage To Door Service
  • High-quality care for your new vehicle
  • Accredited offshore cleaning
  • No-obligation online quotes in AUD
  • 1000s of classic cars to choose from
  • No hidden costs

Our business has grown over the years due to the successful delivery of many imported cars. During this time, we have curated a team of professionals, both here and abroad to refine our process and raise our level of service. We know that you will be beyond thrilled with the process and results.

All Costs Detailed in AUD With No Hidden Extras

One of the harder elements of importing cars from the USA is understanding all of the costs you are in for, but not with our shipping cost calculator! This handy tool that we have created gives you a complete idea of all associated costs in Australian dollars to help you prepare an accurate budget.

Make sure every cost has been accounted for with Import Direct Car Sales. This is all detailed before we begin the import process, so you are fully aware of everything involved. Once your budget is set, all you need to worry about is finding the car you love; the rest is taken care of by us.

A Portfolio of Success With Import Direct Car Sales

The Import Direct Car Sales team has full access to the world of classic American cars, and we’ve built this up over many years of successful imports. If you see a classic American car on the road in Brisbane, we likely brought it here. We love cars and designed our neutral marketplace to make your local dealership worldwide. You simply will not find an easier or more cost-efficient way to access the world of American car imports.

american car import transport shipping brisbane

Did you think it was impossible to get a Clenet Series II 1980 on the road in Brisbane? Think again with Import Direct Car Sales.

Search our database, apply your chosen vehicle to our easy-to-use import cost calculator for relevant prices in Australian dollars, then give us the green light to start the import process. It’s that simple. From there we’ll take care of everything else ensuring your new vehicle is taken care of during transport, arriving at your door in Brisbane in pristine condition, ready for you to take on the road!

The In-Depth Inclusions Of Our Process

The vehicle import process is complex but made much simpler with our one-stop service that covers the following;

  • Inventory Search
    The first and most enjoyable step (besides actually getting your car). You can search our enormous selection of American cars that includes significant varieties of vehicles only available in the USA.
  • Calculation of Import Costs
    Make sure your new dream car is within your price range, with all costs converted to AUD. Everything is detailed clearly with no hidden surprise costs, so you understand the full price from the word go.
  • Importing Your Vehicle
    Our team will then handle all import logistics, including transportation, customs, quarantine, and all legal requirements. By the time your car arrives, it will be ready to go on Australian roads.

Start The Process To Get Your Dream Car to Brisbane Today!

Your dream American muscle or classic car is just a few clicks away with Import Direct Car Sales. A wide range of dealers in the States are now your local, and we work hard to ensure short delivery timeframes to make things happen quickly.

Forget about complex import processes and high prices. Start with a quote from us today and you’ll see how achievable this really is. We know you’ll enjoy searching our online database and will be very impressed by what is available. Our expert team is on-hand to answer any questions you have at any point, and we can guarantee complete peace of mind in the care of your soon-to-be new favourite toy. Get searching today!