Have you found your dream car but it's in another country? Got yourself a great deal on a new car but you need to get it over the border before you can enjoy it? These problems are taken care of with Import Direct Car Sales car transport Australia-wide services.

We are the experts in bringing vehicles into Australia from overseas while handling all of your car shipping needs with our door to door service solution. From classic car imports Australia-wide to local deals that you want to take advantage of, we're here to ensure your vehicle arrives safely and quickly.

Your One-Stop Importing Solution

Importing a vehicle can be a complex and difficult process to arrange.  From local land travel to the chosen port of origin, arranging sailing, and then transferring to the destination from the port of landing; organizing all of these steps can be challenging enough, and that is before even considering the legal, tax, and government regulations involved which can significantly impact your importing dreams.

We offer an efficient service of a skilled and experienced team of industry providers that can handle all aspects of this process quickly and efficiently for you.  One call to us, will enable you to get all of your questions answered, and we can arrange every detail of your vehicle import to ensure that you have nothing further to worry about or organize.

With Import Direct Car Sales, you'll access a network of professionals who have been handling the car import process for years.

How We Make It Easy For You To Find And Acquire Your New Vehicle

Import Direct Car Sales are the experts when it comes to the best way to import cars into Australia. We can simplify and demystify the import process, no longer will you need to struggle with the paperwork, compliance, and legal challenges that can come with importing a vehicle into Australia.  With decades of experience in the industry our team of proven reliable importers can help get your vehicle into Australia in the safest most efficient way possible.

australia car shipping transport

Is this 1967 Chevrolet Corvette your dream car? Import Direct car Sales can help put it in your driveway.

The primary benefits of our import service include;

  • No Hidden Costs
  • Quality Service At Low Rates
  • Complete Door To Door Service
  • Accredited Offshore Cleaning
  • Quick Free Online Quotes
  • Search 1000s of Classic Cars
  • Find Your Dream Classic Car
  • Low Prices and High-Quality Service

We detail our import prices clearly so you won't get stung with a surprise cost once you’ve started to import your vehicle. You will know in advance, all of the potential hidden costs that you may encounter, so that you are probably informed and have great clarity about the import process. Our team offers exceptional levels of service; it's the primary reason why our company continues to grow.

All of this is done with some of the lowest rates in the industry. This ensures that your excellent purchase deal stays that way throughout the shipping process, even when taking into account the transportation costs. Increase your options significantly today and do not settle for anything less than the perfect car for you!

Take Advantage Of Our Door To Door Service

Let our team offer an efficient online quote that applies to your specific situation or have a look at potential costs via our shipping cost calculator. We provide a complete door to door service to make the process of obtaining your dream car as simple as possible.

From classic cars to something a little newer, you can search our extensive database and find exactly what you are after, at the best price, without having to worry about location logistics. We make buying a car from anywhere around Australia, or from overseas, as easy as your local dealership.

Why Choose Import Car Sales?

Import Direct Car Sales exists to be a genuine neutral marketplace for those who are searching for their dream classic car or are after something a little more unique.  You can view a range of great vehicle options available for importing via our website.   Our database of available vehicles, brings together a range of vehicles that are available for importing into Australia from sources all around the globe, and we clearly detail and outline the prices associated with importing those vehicles.

With our help, you can find, compare, and buy vehicles that are outside of Australia quickly and efficiently; specifically, American car imports that are only available through concessional import arrangements.

australia car shipping transport

Ever dreamed of fixing up a 1982 Porsche 928S EURO Coupe? You won’t believe how cheap it is to make this a reality.

We have created an easy-to-use import cost calculator for all of our listed vehicles, which enables us to display actual landed prices of these listed vehicles overseas in Australian dollars, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing out quotes for all of the various components that make up the importing process.

Over the years we have curated a selection of well known established professionals in the import and compliance industries. Our customers can rely on our network of trusted providers to take care of their vehicle, while not having to worry about hidden costs usually associated with importing vehicles to Australia. We offer peace of mind, quality service and an easy and cost-effective way for you to attain your dream vehicle.

The Services That Make Your Life Easier

Import Direct Car Sales offers a range of services that are designed to simplify the complexity that surrounds the vehicle import process. Our full list of service offerings include;

  • Inventory search
    Peruse our significant database of classic cars from internationally based car sales websites, and find the vehicle you have always dreamed of owning. Sick of seeing carbon copies of the same car at local dealerships? Stand out on the road with something special.
  • Calculating import costs
    We make it easy to understand the costs associated with importing your dream vehicle into Australia via our import process calculator. With no hidden costs, you'll be able to budget accordingly.
  • Import services
    Our team of sponsors will help you with all of the import process logistics across every step of your car's journey. From transportation to dealing with customs, quarantine, and any other details that you may not be aware of, we'll make sure all of the boxes are ticked on your behalf.

Get Ready To Take A Drive In Your Dream Car

Import Direct Car Sales will ensure that your dream vehicle is imported directly to you with minimum transit times, and taken care of by the best hands in the shipping services market.

Obtain a quote online today by using our import calculator to gain a full understanding of the estimate for the total cost of your import process. And when you are ready… get in touch with us to secure the worry-free import solution for your vehicle.

With Import Direct Car Sales, there are no limits to what your new vehicle can be or where it comes from.